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By Raymond Chen

rain droplets
fall on puddles
forming ripples
that eventually

in puddles
no matter the magnitude
as they reach the surface
lose identity,


large but small
deep but shallow
to a droplet –
it’s the world
to a child –
it’s a puddle
let’s be the child
do not be the droplet

Raymond Chen is a beginning poet in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is delighted to have found a home for his poem “ripples” in Goats Milk Magazine. Raymond understands the importance of expressing his feelings and does so by creating poems, drawings, and oil paintings – and also by playing the piano. In addition, Raymond takes great interest in critical thinking and is involved in the study of the interrelationship of fields such as philosophy and psychology. He has an interest in commentating and has taken the role of commentator in multiple community-organized tournaments for games of interest to him. Overall, Raymond is attempting to utilize his passions as tools to better himself and the communities around him.