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By Nosam Noj

“The stars are the limit….” Oh, how it sounds like the sweet icing on a cake at first. But when I cut into that very cake, the icing becomes bloodied mud. Those very stars I seek to reach are by something else’s design… my limits, be they endless to me… are simply a box or another canvas to the creator. Must I smile? Нет! I shall not smile. Must I keep my head up? Nein! I shall tear off my head! – The dissociated doll.

Jon Mason, aka Nosam Noj, is a 21-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago. He doesn’t consider himself a writer, artist or musician; he is a creator. This world is beautiful and dark; his life, the same. Therefore his work regurgitates it. He has met many intriguing entities, and some of his work portrays such beings. Find more from Noj here.

The Usurpers

By Sergio Riaño

The Usurpers was made with the intention of being a critique of the greedy society in which we are living today. I was driven by bad experiences I’ve had with people. I decided to make something that reflects the people who don’t see beyond what simple matter allows them to see. At the end of the days, death is upon their greedy actions.

Sergio Riaño, aka Fractal Concepto, can be found on Instagram and on their website.


By Mark Slauter

Anliquitzchan [an-lee-kits-chan: Mother of the Dead House]: Consort to Teoteotlo. She refused to bear him a son and instead birthed the Lower Realm (Ixticayo) as a place for the dead. Infuriated, Teoteotlo changed her into a bat, banished her from the Upper Realm (Aitcayo), and charged her with caring for the dead in Ixticayo. She created Canichi to help her.

In this image, we see Anliquitzchan represented as the bat. The upper half clearly shows the ears, round head, sharp teeth, wings extended out from the body, and teats (green circles) in the center of the torso. The bottom half clearly shows the clawed feet of the legs extending out from the body and the Lower Realm (Ixticayo) exiting the birth canal. Since Ixticayo was primarily created for housing spirits of dead humans, it is represented with humanoid facial features (eyes, nose, mouth).

Mark Slauter currently lives in Virginia with his wife and two cats. The Diary Of A Novice Investor: The Bullet Train To Wealth Left When? was Indie published in 2017. He is currently writing short stories and creating digital art. “Like life, my art tends to come from random and chaotic processes.” He is a member of the James River Writers group in Richmond, VA. He can be found online by searching for Mark Slauter. Currently, available artwork can be viewed at https://mark-slauter.pixels.com/


By Rockefeller

The artwork “Seven” is about split personality and different emotions of one person.. everyone has a split personality in some way hidden within ourselves. This illustration is my metaphor for my different passions in life (arts, music and other simple things). It also symbolizes all the trials, struggles, sadness and happiness in my life.

Rockefeller was chosen to join an art program, “Munting Daliri” (Little Fingers), when he was a kid. He attended a Caricature Tutorial by a local artist, Sir Von Aytona. He did the illustrations in the E-book entitled “How to survive the new normal” and “Flash Fiction.” He wrote and sung an original song called “Amen,” and it was released on digital stores.