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By Nosam Noj

“You fight me, hit me, wage war against me, yet…. here I stand. You cut me, soil my roots, burn me alive. Yet… here I remain, offering my arms to you as I close your eyes to your father. In acht nehmen! For he is here… waiting patiently for me to put down my shield. Your father does not force it; there is no need to. He simply weighs the days before you, who I protect… cuts me down for him. Now come my love… dry up my blood and put down my arms so that we may rest.” – The Mother Of Nature.

Jon Mason, aka Nosam Noj, is a 21-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago. He doesn’t consider himself a writer, artist or musician; he is a creator. This world is beautiful and dark; his life, the same. Therefore his work regurgitates it. He has met many intriguing entities, and some of his work portrays such beings. Find more from Noj here.