By Anna Elin Kristiansen Is she okay? This is the first thought that forms in my mind as I come to after my afternoon dozing, surprised, as usual, that I have fallen asleep at all. My naps never last long, but lately, I have succumbed to taking them in my bed rather than having a … Continue reading Afterlife

The Sara Chain Letter

By Mariah Eppes That evening, Kaitlin and I were together for the first time in a while, sitting on her patio. While I tried to think of something to talk about, she alternated between taking small sips from a glass of water and waving invisible pests away from her face. Her kids were with their … Continue reading The Sara Chain Letter

The Road Trip

Or Unexpected Side Effects of Religious Experience By Kym Deyn Greg believed in God the way most people believed in breathing.He found that not everyone liked this about him. He was thin, starting to grey, and wore wire-framed glasses that aged him more than necessary. His wife had liked it. For a time. Now it … Continue reading The Road Trip


Previously Published online at Dumpster Fire Press. By Kaci Skiles Laws My mother was crazy. She was crazy in love with my dad long after he started ‘working late hours.’ She loved him even after his broccoli casserole was too cold, and he hit her for the first time, two years into their marriage.  There were times … Continue reading Ghosts

In the Gray

By Cory Austin Knudson Time gets tangled and glutinous in the gray, so I doubt either Sarira or I could say exactly when it overtook us. I would have called it a month ago if words like “month” still had any significance. It was only when we passed on the stairs that I understood, with … Continue reading In the Gray

The Body Forgives

By Elaina Smith If you, O Lord, kept a record of Sins, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared. Psalm 130:3 The Record Life’s meaning lives in a body. It grows with me, shrinks with me, and is buried with me when I return to dirt, my … Continue reading The Body Forgives

The Hanged Men

By Owen Schalk “The present conditions of the country are no more than the threshold of a profound…and most important examination of consciousness.“ – Pasolini on the eve of the Italian Civil War (1943-1945) They found a man with bricks in his pockets hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London. His name was Roberto Calvi. He … Continue reading The Hanged Men


By Nancy Christie “Get away from the window. And close those curtains!” Melanie’s words came out harsher than she had intended, and hurriedly she tried to soften her tone. “It’s cold outside, and this house is so drafty. At least the drapes block some of that wind. And I don’t want you to get sick,” … Continue reading DOORS AND WINDOWS

Guys Like Him

By Maia Kowalski My father started going to church again after he got divorced the second time. Whether it was because he felt guilty or suddenly pious, I’ll never know, but I was forced to go with him every Sunday morning. I don’t know why he wanted the company. We didn’t do a lot of … Continue reading Guys Like Him


By Fereshteh Molavi Let me tell you a story, a clumsy little story.  Not once upon a time, but this very day, or precisely yesterday, or surely tomorrow, a newcomer joins the old-timers of our city who were once newcomers too. Well, that’s just the way things happen – not that the oppressive powers of a … Continue reading A CLUMSY LITTLE STORY


By Brittany MacBeth I looked out across the eerie, placid waters. “Well, gentlemen, here we are,” I said, excited and nervous to start this new chapter. Thomas and Issac were settling in and unpacking their things. “I never envisioned myself becoming a lighthouse keeper,” Thomas replied. “How hard could it be?” Questioned Issac. We had … Continue reading LOST SOULS


By Nancy Machlis Rechtman No one knew where they came from. It seemed they just appeared out of nowhere one day. It was hard to tell at first, but it turned out there were seven of them. Orphans, all of them, though we never did find out if they were all from one family or, … Continue reading HARD TIMES


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