By John Maurer John Maurer is a 26-year-old writer from Pittsburgh that writes fiction, poetry, and everything in-between, but his work always strives to portray that what is true is beautiful. He has been previously published in Claudius Speaks, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Thought Catalog, and more than fifty others. @JohnPMaurer (johnpmaurer.com)

Summer in Spring

By Yuu Ikeda In calmness of spring, in warmth of spring, howls of summer resound weakly Yuu Ikeda is a Japan-based poet. She writes poetry on her website. Her published poems are “The Shadow of A Cross” in 3 Moon Magazine, “On the Bed” in Nymphs, “Love? or Death?” in Sad Girl Review, “Poetry Drops … Continue reading Summer in Spring

Good for You

I think of all the ways I would describe you. Tell me, could you even see me without seeing yourself? Or did we mistake self-sacrifice for intimacy? Sarah Wood is a writer, TEDx speaker and mindfulness facilitator from Michigan, currently living in New York City. She is the founder of Joy Soldier™, a community and … Continue reading Good for You

Day Race

By Felicia Zuniga It trickles away helplessly wordlessly without warning Who knows the things you could have accomplished if it didn’t jolt away your lifeblood if it didn’t slash your face with wrinkles if it didn’t choke you of the talents you knew were harboring inside somewhere The sun performs its perfunctory duty The moon sneaks … Continue reading Day Race


By Mary Chydiriotis Waves lap and whisper  seagulls squawk   the constant pull of the sea In your right hand citrine drops of pressure and time the thread pulled  unconscious rhythm of the Kompoloi beads click as time ticks   Fragments of memory transient storage in hippocampus secrets locked away a son gone The sea a melancholy … Continue reading *Komboloi

The Wait

By Felicia Zuniga The wait seeps into your skinstretching it into rivers of worry It pours into your stomachtightens knots and tosses acid  The wait pulls on your hairuntil it strips it of colourMuscles and memories become dullcorroded by the salty licks of wait It erases sunlight from your eyesspring from your stepdefinition from your … Continue reading The Wait

Good form

By Dominic Loise James dusted off the time he was known as Jimmy.  This freeform shadow of former identity danced along his bedroom wall just above the writing desk as he prepared for slumber.  A knocking play of the imagination beckoned pause with a tap-tap-tap against his window.  Tomorrow announced it’s coming by the tic-tic-ticking of … Continue reading Good form


By Felicia Zuniga Slides in and outas he pleaseswarm some dayscold the nextan inconsiderate liar Felicia Zuniga is a writer and communications specialist who lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two young sons. She has been writing poetry for over a decade and has been published in a variety of journals including Contemporary … Continue reading March

Jill Has Root Rot

By Kyle Brandt-Lubart And if one day she will Want to plant another seed Near the cold concrete landing pad Kyle Brandt-Lubart (she/her)  is a poet, visual artist, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who resides in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Brandt-Lubart works full-time, providing free therapy services to uninsured and underinsured individuals living with mental … Continue reading Jill Has Root Rot

My North Star is Rhinestone

By Kate Miano When he runs his hands over me, one part juts out metal: A freshly tilled valley, by which his touches can trail to other pieces of my topography. Punctuating my torso for five years it’s become as much appendage as an arm. A bejeweled wound, I carved myself to map beauty. Kate … Continue reading My North Star is Rhinestone

Mouse Bites On Moving Boxes

By Dominic Loise Nibbles naw at the compressed corrugation  till out of style shoes shuffle past  barely supporting their fallen arches a whiskered nose turned up  at chewing this fine aged leather and laces walking by with the assistance of the worn  wood hand me down cane from the sealed off attic grey blur along … Continue reading Mouse Bites On Moving Boxes


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Poetry Guidelines

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Any and all accompanying art or photography is strongly encouraged! The header image should be in a 2:1 ratio and black and white, please. Additional images and multi-media should be sent separately from the .doc or .docx, no .pdfs. Please indicate where you want accompanying art to be placed in poems.

Send poetry submissions to goatsmilksubmissions@gmail.com.

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