By Yuu Ikeda ‘Goodbye’Summer echoes. Although my handsare never able togive up the heat,summer is about toshrink back from my sight. Dawn cries for summer,I write for summer,andfallen leaves ring a bellof separationfor summer. ‘Goodbye’Summer echoes.I whisper. Yuu Ikeda is a Japan-based poet.She loves writing, drawing,and reading mystery novels.She writes poetry on her website.Her published poems … Continue reading Goodbye

The Garden of Poetry

By Yuu Ikeda In front of me,many flowers of wordsare swaying,emitting seasonal fragrances. Every morning,I breathe in these sweetsometimes bitter scent,every evening,I fill my notebookwaiting forsilhouettes of words,then,every night,I fall asleepwith memories ofthe garden of poetry. Yuu Ikeda is a Japan-based poet.She loves writing, drawing,and reading mystery novels.She writes poetry on her website.Her published poems can … Continue reading The Garden of Poetry


By Lorraine Caputo In the late-hour hoursI am awakenedby the songof the full moon shimmeringupon the rising tide A golden halo surrounds herin that cloud-hazed skybright pewter-blue likethe sea lapping againstthe shell & rock-splinter shore Lorraine Caputo is a documentary poet, translator and travel writer. Her works appear in over 250 journals on six continents; … Continue reading MOONLIGHT SERENADE

Abyss Bloom

By M. Wedlock We are not other people, you and I, we are more skeleton than breath, and in the same inhale, more breath than — a dream I would die for; I am in the kitchen, with a pint of beer (one I was promised in my dreams) and the cat I do not … Continue reading Abyss Bloom

Pieces of Her

By Susan Miller She hasn’t had sex since June.Her tangled hair winds intoa stretched-out green scrunchy,smashed peas streak worn Levis,breasts still leak liquid pearls.She can’t seem to remember wherethe lip gloss is, what it feels liketo floss, wax, buff or polish. She stares dizzily downthe bathroom drain, looking forthose shiny pieces of herself.Fighting through a fog … Continue reading Pieces of Her


By Susan Miller It all started withthe lines. One pale,one rock solid,staring from a tiny pool of pink. Clanking glasses of cheap Korbel, soggypita, day-old tahini.Their after-midnight, quick-fridge feast. Painting Pooh bypeek-a-boo bunnieson lemon walls.Plush quilts that lined pastel dreams. It all ended with the blood. Splatteredterrycloth, choked womb.Fists pounding the cold linoleum floor. They all say therewill be others. Onepale, … Continue reading Iris

The Little Things

By Susan Miller These were the things he missed,the ones that were supposeto stay silent, shoved down deep.What with all the carnage spillingall over his morning paper forweeks, then months, a year.The little things. The ones thatfilled empty spaces, connectedhis dots, fueled his day. The gurgle of his grandson,a sniff of her lavender shampoo.Beer with … Continue reading The Little Things

Ugliest girl in the Room

By Susan Miller She always feltlike the ugliest girl in the room. At6, 16 or 60. Skin that was pale, picked at.Clammy hands,desperate eyes. A hopeless, nagging chorus crackedmirrors in her head.  Not magazine pretty,cheerleader lovely.A low-wire flop.Until one day it hither: In a pine box,she thought,there she could besimply exquisite,utterly worthy. Susan Miller is an editor/reporter for USA … Continue reading Ugliest girl in the Room


By Lorraine Caputo I. During day’s predawndarkness, the desert night mistis heavier, athin rain gliding off these parchedtin roofs & sear dreams II. In the midnight houra distant patter uponthe eaves disruptedmy meditation Out to the terraceI walked, to bathe in the lightrain falling uponthis desert city III. 3:30 a.m.a rain begins to splatterthis other … Continue reading DESERT RAINS


By Lorraine Caputo This moonless night isbathed by the orange glow ofstreet lamps. Clouds lie lowon the mountains, then tendrilthrough the folds of this valley. Rain begins again,at first a whisper, its voicegrowing stronger , a monotonous murmur … Lorraine Caputo is a documentary poet, translator and travel writer. Her works appear in over 250 … Continue reading MOONLESS NIGHT

Eyes holding storms.

By Lotté Jean Elliott beautiful ravenspillage this profanity, the venom in my arteriesbleeding out like soundtracks to soulless villainsscars on the organs, wounded openingsan open port, a haven of injury ready for careless remarksi’m in a tender spot i feel the acid radiating away the pained thoughtsbut i’m nothing but a thought in the airplease, when … Continue reading Eyes holding storms.


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