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By Mark Slauter Anliquitzchan [an-lee-kits-chan: Mother of the Dead House]: Consort to Teoteotlo. She refused to bear him a son and instead birthed the Lower Realm (Ixticayo) as a place for the dead. Infuriated, Teoteotlo changed her into a bat, banished her from the Upper Realm (Aitcayo), and charged her with caring for the dead … Continue reading Anliquitzchan


By Rockefeller The artwork “Seven” is about split personality and different emotions of one person.. everyone has a split personality in some way hidden within ourselves. This illustration is my metaphor for my different passions in life (arts, music and other simple things). It also symbolizes all the trials, struggles, sadness and happiness in my … Continue reading SEVEN


By Parker Penhasi Poison is a collage is a mixed media painting, with scenes comprising various pages from Concussion Skate Mag and New Noise Magazine, two journals that explore different underground scenes Parker grew up around. Being from Southern California, skateboarding and music often went hand in hand, so they use these cutouts to show … Continue reading Poison

Sarah With a H

By Zula Ovelgönne Sara With a H was painted using acrylic. The work has previously appeared in Stirring: A Literary Collection in the Spring of 2020. Zula Ovelgönne taught English in Europe before returning to Canada to pursue studies in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. Her visual art has … Continue reading Sarah With a H

Mississauga Meanderings

By Dr. Pallavi Narayan In the summer of 2020, I took interminable solitary walks through the lanes and by-lanes of Mississauga, revelling in the warm weather but feeling lonely due to self-isolation. It was sometimes heartening to see someone tending to their front yard or eating on their porch. I’d stroll longer and bigger squares … Continue reading Mississauga Meanderings

Art and Photography Guidelines

Visual art should meet the following guidelines:72dpi / RGB Dimensions: minimum 800×800 JPG or PNG. Please include a 100 word description of the piece. You can send up to 10 files in your submission. Feel free to send more than one email if needed. We love all styles of visual art–send us your most creative work! If we accept any of your pieces you submit, include your social media handles in your bio for recognition on our social media pages!!

We are also open to multi-media and video components; send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Please save the file as: LASTNAME_TITLE Visual art submissions should be emailed to

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