Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it is, but writing is hard. When you’re two hours into a productive binge and you come up for air. When you’re looking at what you wrote, pondering how difficult yet magical writing can be. The truth is, writing is hard because life is hard. Hard to start, hard to stop, hard to let it go into the world. You worry your work is destined to be unloved and unread. Worst of all, you fear rejection.

Welcome to Goat’s Milk. We want your writing, especially the work that’s hard to let go of. Work that’s messy, or left you messy after writing it. We want your visual art that physically hurt to make. If you have both, even better. We want the pieces that are wonderfully odd, tragically beautiful, delightfully morbid. Give us the piece of writing inspired by the old stove in your childhood home that you think about every time you see the burn scar. Give us the picture that’s weird, and makes people uncomfortable although no one can tell you why.

We love reading your writing and we believe in working with writers and artists of all skill levels. However, this does not mean that we accept all submissions. To understand what we do accept, we recommend reading what we’ve posted, and thoroughly reading through our submission guidelines

We thank you in advance for reading this page, and considering or actually submitting to Goat’s Milk. We’re very excited to share your work.



Edits: Poetry, Art & Photography, Prose.

Lauren Gargiulo; a writer, editor, and occasional actor who pays rent in Vancouver. They are often at home playing with their bird or having a nap. A long-time spoonie, Lauren can be found either in the middle of a productivity sprint, or recovering from one.

Lauren has a BA in English language and literature from Queen’s University, an Associate of Art’s Degree in creative writing, and a life-long obsession with Beowulf.

When they’re not editing Goat’s Milk, they can be found writing about books at The Mark Literary Review and writing about living with chronic pain on their blog Chronically Fine. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram.

Joseph L. Ayres; a writer, editor, and miscreant last seen lurking somewhere in Vancouver, B.C. They accepted their fate as a shut-in writer a long time ago and patiently awaits the day when their hands finally stop working. You’ll most likely find them at home, cradling a cup of coffee and muttering about their work not being finished— whatever that means.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Checkout their illustration work here.

Digital Editor

Edits: Prose, Art & Photography, the site.

In the summer of 2019, the three founding editors of Goat’s Milk realized that life suddenly became too busy to keep up with a literary magazine. From the summer in 2019 to the winter in 2021, Goat’s Milk was run by five editors living in several states and two countries. Four more editors left Goat’s Milk from 2020-2021 due to work, school, and life. Goat’s Milk is now run by Lauren Gargiulo and Joseph L. Ayres.

Lauren and Joseph met in College/Jschool and bonded over being overworked, underpaid, and their mutual love of words. Lauren invited Joseph to join the Goat’s Milk team in the winter of 2020 and they have been working towards making Goat’s Milk thrive since.

Origin Story

In the spring of 2001, when I was six years old, I was sitting around the oak farm table at my grandparents house. We had just shared an Easter dinner as a family, when my late grandfather disappeared into the guest bedroom.

When he emerged back into the dining room, he was holding a baby Pygmy goat–a brown and white bleating tuft of fur. I was the only grandchild at the time, and Willy, as he would come to be named, was my present. I was elated, but other than knowing how to bottle feed him, as a six year old, I had no redeemable care-taking skills. My parents were furious, we lived in the city at the time, and none of us knew how to care for a baby goat.

However, over the next couple of hours at Easter dinner, my parents and I fell in love with Willy, and considered him a member of our family until the day he died. Our situation wasn’t ideal, but we loved him, so we made it work in a small one-story house in the middle of the city.

That is the type of writing we are looking for at Goat’s Milk Magazine. We want the pieces that you love, that you consider a part of you, that you’ll do anything to make work. We want the imperfect situations, the writing that only exists at 3 am, the type of writing that grows from a 26 hour road trip. We want you; we want raw, original work. We’re excited to announce our launch coming in January 2018, but we cannot do it without you. We look forward to reading the best of you.

All the best,

Paige Leland, Danielle Johnson, & Alissa Rabideau

Founding Editors

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