By Nosam Noj

“The stars are the limit….” Oh, how it sounds like the sweet icing on a cake at first. But when I cut into that very cake, the icing becomes bloodied mud. Those very stars I seek to reach are by something else’s design… my limits, be they endless to me… are simply a box or another canvas to the creator. Must I smile? Нет! I shall not smile. Must I keep my head up? Nein! I shall tear off my head! – The dissociated doll.

Jon Mason, aka Nosam Noj, is a 21-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago. He doesn’t consider himself a writer, artist or musician; he is a creator. This world is beautiful and dark; his life, the same. Therefore his work regurgitates it. He has met many intriguing entities, and some of his work portrays such beings. Find more from Noj here.

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