Pieces of Her

By Susan Miller

She hasn’t had sex since June.
Her tangled hair winds into
a stretched-out green scrunchy,
smashed peas streak worn Levis,
breasts still leak liquid pearls.
She can’t seem to remember where
the lip gloss is, what it feels like
to floss, wax, buff or polish. 
She stares dizzily down
the bathroom drain, looking for
those shiny pieces of herself.
Fighting through a fog of 
strung-out nights and
bone-weary days. Desperate
for one slippery millisecond 
where she was a she again,
not yet anyone’s new mom.

Susan Miller is an editor/reporter for USA TODAY newspaper who enjoys creative writing as a hobby. Her poetry has appeared in several publications, including Whimsical Poet, The Dillydoun Review, Gemini Magazine, Common Ground Review, Months to Years, Under the Bridges of America, Sandy Paws and the Arlington Anthology. She had a short story published in Beach Life.

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