Eyes holding storms.

By Lotté Jean Elliott

beautiful ravens
pillage this profanity, the venom in my arteries
bleeding out like soundtracks to soulless villains
scars on the organs, wounded openings
an open port, a haven of injury ready for careless remarks
i’m in a tender spot

i feel the acid radiating away the pained thoughts
but i’m nothing but a thought in the air
please, when will i heal
i want to feel secure, a safe haven
when will my body become my own again
not powered by broken beings.

Lotté Jean Elliott is a writer based in Northern England. She is the published author of a fiction novel, THE DAMNED SOCIETY, poetry collections LETTERS TO JUPITER and NIGHTS IN THE SNOW GARDEN and an upcoming screenwriter. She has works featured in Literary Mark, Brave Voices Magazine, Sledgehammerlit and BBC Newcastle.

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