By Lorraine Caputo

Through the cracks of my ill-fitting windows drifts the perfume of some night flower … a perfume that tendrils across rooftop tejas, down narrow cobblestone streets … remnants of the afternoon’s storm beads on that blossom’s ghostly petals gleaming in the new moon’s dark light … elusive … elusive as a deep dream dissipating in the pale dawn twilight … slipping away through cracks, into the darkness, into oblivion, forgotten memories, perhaps someday to arise in some moment least expected … cracks meshing across my mind like the golden city lights that cobweb across this valley, capturing that elusive perfume.

Lorraine Caputo is a documentary poet, translator and travel writer. Her works appear in over 250 journals on six continents; and 19 collections of poetry – including On Galápagos Shores (dancing girl press, 2019) and Escape to the Sea (Origami Poems Project, 2021). She also authors travel narratives, articles and guidebooks. Her writing has been honoured by the Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada (2011) and nominated for the Best of the Net. Caputo has done literary readings from Alaska to the Patagonia. She journeys through Latin America, listening to the voices of the pueblos and Earth. Follow her travels on Facebook or through her website.

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