By Rachel Maria Geo

Eyebrows are plucked out by nervous hands
as restless dart between the clock and the floor,
as though attempting to make time rush ahead.

Anxiously do their feet tap against the ground, 
tip-tap, tip-tap, toes crushed against shoes’ fronts,
as the clock takes its own sweet time in moving.

And in this waiting hour, which everyone does despise,
does the mind pick up tremendous levels of activity,
questioning the worth of the person that is you.

 Rachel Maria Geo (she/her) is a student, writer and a life-long nerd from India. She writes poetry and stories sporadically as fits of inspiration dawn on her, followed by stormy days of the dreaded writer’s block. You can find her on Instagram, and if you want to read more of her work, check her out on Young Writer’s Society.

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