By Rachel McCarren

In the darkness, her skin glows like white silk. Her mouth is bound by a ragged cloth she’s naked, hogtied on her side with triple-tied knots of red rope. Her blue eyes stare up through the jagged peaks of pines, trace the bleary outline that marks the rippling spine of the Wicklow mountainside. Inwardly, she knows why it’s here that only lovers go. Instinctively, she knows: that foxes will feast on her fingertips, crows will peck at her breasts, mice will nest in her chest, and badgers will bury what pieces are left in the bowels of the bog. She knows that she will become one of the loathsome lost.

Rachel McCarren‘s poetry has appeared in The Honest Ulsterman, Lupercalia Press’s debut anthology Vulcanalia, Anti-Heroin Chic Mag, The Unexposed Mag, and more. During her MFA at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA, Rachel studied summers at Trinity College Dublin in IE. Rachel is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA, but she plans to permanently relocate to Ireland with her Irish partner within the next year.

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