You, a telephone conversation

By Barenya Tripathy

It coils over a distance,
twisting, twisting, twisting
Stay shut & listen as the mouth runs,
You open your mouth: it’s a static.
Like a signal, you stay on high rises
And like a conversation, you splinter
Into disconnected echoes,
Then like wind, you drift in through
Sealed lips and out through open ears.
You open your fist, lay yourself
Down on a twist & twist your body
Into stair folds & have velvet knuckles
That you knock into your stomach
& make vibrations to reach your ear
On the other side of the world.
You; twisting, twisting, twisting…
Turn your face & the voice fades.

Barenya Tripathy is a 21-year-old Literature major fresh out of surviving graduation. Previously, her poems have been published in The Pangolin Review, LitGleam Magazine, and a poetry anthology called Intoxication. She is equally passionate about the authors she reads and the songs she puts into her playlist.

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