The Man with Long Brown Hair

By Ramzi Albert Rihani

Gazing in a room full of roamers
The man with long brown hair stands by
Trying to collect his memories 
From a woman with green watery eyes

In the heat of a flashing childhood
Men mingle with smoke, liquor and women
Among Whitman, the free-wheeling, and Dylan, 
And the poet, unrecognized, sings the blues

Awaken to the sound of their murmurs
They pick their verses and tuck their imagination
One at a time they bow and bow and bow to 
The man with long brown hair

Smothered with inspiration, smooth with words
He sings one, two, three and more thirds
The morning breaks with rays of deliverance
And the singer picks his guitar and renders his verse

Ramzi Albert Rihani was born to a literary family among poets, writers, novelists, and critics, Ramzi Albert Rihani has been writing and publishing poetry since 1995. He is a published music critic, wrote and published a travel book “The Other Color – a Trip Around the World in Six Months” and has been living in the Washington, DC area most of his life.

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