Irony of Life and Death

By Robert Pegel

 I can only hope in some way
 this worked out better for you.
There’s so much we don’t understand.  
Young minds lament
that you didn’t deserve this.
It shouldn’t have happened.  
Have a feeling it’s ironic,
maybe they’ve got it all wrong. 
Death may be a blessing.
Seems likely to my soul.  
Pray that you are happy and safe.
That you are walking 
in love and light.
Floating in bliss.
Adventure on.
Don’t forget to stop
and rest once in awhile.
Enjoy your new world
free and light. 
No longer held back 
by this imperfect body.  
Tell me all about it in dreams.
I promise 
to remember them in the
Need to be updated on your journey.
Don’t worry.
I can keep a secret.  
I promise.  
Heaven’s mystery will remain safe.  
Just hate the wait.  
When will it be my turn?
Any time is fine.
You are my role model.
Just hoping to catch up to you.
Please wait for me.                                                                                                                    
Where you are.
Need to be in the same place
at the same time with you.
Waiting so desperately for that day.
Until then
reach me anyway you can.

Robert Pegel is a husband and father whose only child, his son Calvin, passed away nearly five years ago. Calvin was 16 and died of unknown causes in his sleep. Robert writes poetry in a quest to contemplate life and its mysteries. He also finds writing therapeutic in dealing with loss. Robert has been published in Trouvaille Review, Bluepepper, Ariel Chart, Grand Little Things, As Above So Below, Lothlorien Poetry, The Galway Review, Unique Poetry, The Pangolin Review, Adelaide and others. He has work forthcoming in Resurrection Magazine and Mason Street. Robert lives in Andover, NJ, USA, with his wife, Zulma and their Min Pin dog, Chewy.

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