I’m Okay Dad

By Robert Pegel

The light will never go out.
I see blackbirds and butterflies
blue orbs and sunrise.
Pain drenched tears in my eyes.
Sleepless nights, mind blowing
earth-shattering surprise.
Flash a peace sign to the sun.
Your radiant smile responds
back to me.
Fully aware.
There is no beginning or end. 
Only change. 
Your cross once heavy is light.
Your fate unfair and sudden
now accepted and understood.
Life is a timeless circle.
Death is overcome.
Pain and worry are no more.
Your spirit is free.
The truth is finally revealed.  
Floating blissfully,
shining light and love.   
Never forgotten.
A source of inspiration.
Living in perfect harmony.
Heaven is your permanent home.

Robert Pegel is a husband and father whose only child, his son Calvin, passed away nearly five years ago. Calvin was 16 and died of unknown causes in his sleep. Robert writes poetry in a quest to contemplate life and its mysteries. He also finds writing therapeutic in dealing with loss. Robert has been published in Trouvaille Review, Bluepepper, Ariel Chart, Grand Little Things, As Above So Below, Lothlorien Poetry, The Galway Review, Unique Poetry, The Pangolin Review, Adelaide and others. He has work forthcoming in Resurrection Magazine and Mason Street. Robert lives in Andover, NJ, USA, with his wife, Zulma and their Min Pin dog, Chewy.

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