Before It Passed

By Jonathan Koven

swallow these pains



creation . . .

brain to foam

obsidian listener

the sob resets

dew reflow

petaled conjoining

sap red
sap red
sap red!

vapid groan!

stupid sun spiral!

blading quick

before calamity

leak red

as grief rouses

palest filter . . .

core fantastic



the heart riverbed

before no color remains

Jonathan Koven grew up on Long Island, NY, embraced by tree-speak, tide’s rush, and the love and support of his family. He holds a BA in Literature, and Creative Writing from American University, works as a technical writer and is Toho Journal’s head fiction editor and workshop coordinator. He lives in Philadelphia with his best friend and future wife Delana and cats Peanut Butter and Keebler. Credits include Lindenwood Review, Night Picnic, Iris Literary, and more. His debut chapbook Palm Lines is available from Toho Publishing. His award-winning novella Below Torrential Hill is expected winter 2021 from Electric Eclectic.

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