Where There’s Light

By Anna Elin Kristiansen

It was not for her
this dimmed existence.
Not for her
to take up space
between pale-faced nods
never intended to rustle fabric.

A wandering soul she was
yet feet firmly planted here
bare soles on hot city asphalt.

Her hips would sway
her feet dance
her breasts gave life.
The conqueror of shame and fear
she was.

Mere survival she tossed aside,
her face, her palms, she turned up
her tongue, out
to taste the salt of life.

Sang out of tune, like it mattered,
shouted, stomped, laughed and whispered;
“Be strong, be brave
you will find a way.”

Anna Elin Kristiansen is a reader, writer, mother and the universe masquerading as a human being. She makes sense of the world – and creates her own – through her own writing. In the evenings, she writes literary fiction, and when inspiration strikes, she writes poems about the experience of being alive. You can find her words at On Mama’s Mind and her Twitter.

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