The Hunter’s Guide

By Jennifer Cahill

Radiance sifts through the crinkled foliage, 
as the shadows mimic the gently oscillating

leaves. For the full yellow-white moon has risen. A brook cascading over stones

is embraced by grassy banks, 
as it flows through an Early Autumn.

The runnel captures the shimmering gleam;
it is a glittering diamond bracelet

wrapped around a woman’s wrist;  
she may pleasurably touch, twist the glass-like gems-

like the falling leaf that flutters, lightly grazes the surface, twirls in the breeze.

A bird nesting over the moonlit rill
wears its luster on its grey- green speckled

wings. They are tucked to sleep.
The coloring leaves rustle, continue to sway…

Jennifer Cahill earned a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies from Boston College. She has published the poems The Foxy Neutrino and War in the Distance is Better with Arkansas Technical College(2020), and Dusk Colored Wings with The Voices Project(August 25, 2020); Gods Feast on Lost Moons with Tempered Runes(2020). She lives in Massachusetts with her cat ‘Tilly.’

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