By Amy Salomone

“Pink” is a celebration of life and the connection between living things, both within the moment and across generations. Natural selection is a process by which species change based upon mutations that favour reproduction. As a result of these changes, you see sexual ornamentation of flowers and birds, developing over epochs of time to pass on genetic material to offspring, as well as the elegant design of our lungs and heart. Each functioning as part of a larger system to help deliver nutrients to our trillions of cells. Old is made new again within this collage, utilizing vintage medical illustration and “Hudson River School” masterpieces to make new statements about the natural world and our place within it.

Amy Salomone of Forms Most Beautiful is a mixed media digital collage artist who mixes science and art to explore man’s place in the natural world. Her educational and professional background in science is evident in her art pieces which explore concepts such as evolution and natural selection, animal behaviour, perception and our story within and of this universe. Each piece is designed to tell a part of this story and to act as starting points for thought and discussion, with which we can change our perspectives of how we see ourselves. 

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