By Amy Salomone

“Jellyfish” is a commentary on what it takes to survive on this planet as a living organism for long periods of evolutionary time. Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” and this piece is meant to communicate that idea. Jellyfish and plant life have populated this Earth for 500 million years, fungi for 1.5 billion. Modern humans have only populated the Earth for 200,000 years or so. When we look at life in all of its simplicity and complexity compared to our own, we can begin to make sense of what sustains a species for long spans of time. When we look at our own species, we can reflect on our own potential for longevity.

Amy Salomone of Forms Most Beautiful is a mixed media digital collage artist who mixes science and art to explore man’s place in the natural world. Her educational and professional background in science is evident in her art pieces which explore concepts such as evolution and natural selection, animal behaviour, perception and our story within and of this universe. Each piece is designed to tell a part of this story and to act as starting points for thought and discussion, with which we can change our perspectives of how we see ourselves. 

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