Here is a world

By Anna Elin Kristiansen

Here is a world
with all its shortcomings
Here is a world
infinite and new.

It forms, painstakingly slow
and like all the stars in our galaxy
rushes out to meet its fate.

Sucking in energy, expanding
meeting its challenges
head on.

Can you blame it for taking it slow?

All events in surrounding space
All its fellow bodies
will perish.
It knows this
yet persists in paying it forward.

A most mysterious wonder
this new little world
to abide by the governing rule
yet exercise choice.

Here is a world
soon to be gone
like a soap bubble it soars
higher, higher!
until – pop! –
the eye cannot see.

Anna Elin Kristiansen is a reader, writer, mother and the universe masquerading as a human being. She makes sense of the world – and creates her own – through her own writing. In the evenings, she writes literary fiction, and when inspiration strikes, she writes poems about the experience of being alive. You can find her words at On Mama’s Mind and her Twitter.

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