Enchanted life 1 and 2

By Soph Murray

This room of the living
is now a cathedral holding the stories
of the earth
travelling through the underground network
passing threads of
songs of summer
recitals of autumn
along silken webs among the dead
whispering now in this great sanctuary
with angels dancing on vinyl
ferrying those copper chords
into inner drums that
outside my chest
on my fingertips
fracturing the lines we’ve drawn
so we can venture into the wild dawn
crossing the lay lines
genuflecting as we connect
rising only with the sun

I am an embroidery of experience
each small stroke another small thing
delicately detailed
into second hand fabrics
worn several lives over
pulled taught and tense
each time forced to forget
and forgive the prick of her needle
carrying the memory
on soft threads
in running stitches
colliding into one another
bleeding colour into
this kaleidoscopic life
there is beauty in this chaos

Soph Murray was spurred back into writing because of the global pandemic. It was a necessary tool to maintain sanity amidst working from home and homeschooling a gang of children. Soph taps into motherhood, magic, and innate misanthropy in her poetry to express the things that would otherwise wake her anxious brain at 4am in the morning. She has been published in anthologies by Hecate Magazine, Mum Poem Press, and Faces of Motherhood by Blood Moon Poetry Press. Work can also be found on Instagram.

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