Dream Catcher

By Jennifer Cahill

Sterling silver jewels 
are pendulous on her ear-lobes

as she shakes her head,
as they sit by a river lit up

with a shimmer of man-made light.
Salmon with peach colors is a feast

for the sky above them; 
yet her new diamond is tossed

into this dove tinted water, 
with orange and deep yellows-

the celestial sphere
becomes an adorned queen;

she wears her crown of diamonds
as a half moon is punched

into this empyrean, 
and a moon bow is tossed to them.

Jennifer Cahill earned a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies from Boston College. She has published the poems The Foxy Neutrino and War in the Distance is Better with Arkansas Technical College(2020), and Dusk Colored Wings with The Voices Project(August 25, 2020); Gods Feast on Lost Moons with Tempered Runes(2020). She lives in Massachusetts with her cat ‘Tilly.’

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