We Heal

By Keith Kennedy

A glitchtrip slyways
Orange ‘Utah Rocks’ sweatshirts
Really exist

One tree, two tree, three tree

Who’s entwife did he fuck to
Be emasculated so (his phallus
His entire body)

And traffic, the archenemy
Builds to a magnanimous
Crescendo – while I pass between
Like particles of sand through the wind

And people – yellow vested,
Guarding yellowed investments
Try to situate themselves 
In the hierarchy

To converse – without ulterior motives – 
Is a must – but we fail – the whys
March in and my face reveals my

I heal upways – I duckgroove – I
Bring fields to bloom with sunjoy

And I heal – to break – to heal –
One a developing skill – the other –
Man’s innate talent – we break
We break, we break

Keith Kennedy is a Pushcart and Rhysling nominated poet working out of Vancouver. Find him on Twitter.

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