By Mark Slauter

Anliquitzchan [an-lee-kits-chan: Mother of the Dead House]: Consort to Teoteotlo. She refused to bear him a son and instead birthed the Lower Realm (Ixticayo) as a place for the dead. Infuriated, Teoteotlo changed her into a bat, banished her from the Upper Realm (Aitcayo), and charged her with caring for the dead in Ixticayo. She created Canichi to help her.

In this image, we see Anliquitzchan represented as the bat. The upper half clearly shows the ears, round head, sharp teeth, wings extended out from the body, and teats (green circles) in the center of the torso. The bottom half clearly shows the clawed feet of the legs extending out from the body and the Lower Realm (Ixticayo) exiting the birth canal. Since Ixticayo was primarily created for housing spirits of dead humans, it is represented with humanoid facial features (eyes, nose, mouth).

Mark Slauter currently lives in Virginia with his wife and two cats. The Diary Of A Novice Investor: The Bullet Train To Wealth Left When? was Indie published in 2017. He is currently writing short stories and creating digital art. “Like life, my art tends to come from random and chaotic processes.” He is a member of the James River Writers group in Richmond, VA. He can be found online by searching for Mark Slauter. Currently, available artwork can be viewed at

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