Acceptance of a Good Time

By Keith Kennedy

Long lines and lashes
One sided conversations
Smoked lips, dry, haggard, painted
Salty breath, heir to temptation
Yet, angled dress, cut to the level of deniability
And swollen eyes from years of rejection
A dark cocktail, something with sediment
Left over after the sweetness is gone
Little hopes reflected in tear-sheen
Off the street lamps, off the mirror pools
Of the blackened street
Night time, not for decisions, for allowances
Curdled tongues, no longer speaking
Greasy fingers in difficult hair
Wet notes passed to waiting hands
And a silent trip, to dry run ecstasy
Simultaneous remorse, longing, performance
Until the utter emptiness, so easily deflected
Plays roundabout with coy severity
And there’s nothing left but empty eyes
And empty eyes, too frightened to look away

Keith Kennedy is a Pushcart and Rhysling nominated poet working out of Vancouver. Find him on Twitter.

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