A Subtle Breeze of Romance

By Tom Squitieri

As summer comes
False love appears
Let it flit by
Like an unwelcome gnat
Patient for
the real thing.

It shall come
I feel it in the 
Silent seconds of
A surprise smile
In the sigh of the silence
Before the pop
From the slow soar
Of whoa

Meet me on the green grass
Of the outfield
Late innings just for us
We will enjoy the stars
In the sky
And not those who
Left the field.
We will steal real kisses
Not bases

I just want to nest my lips 
on your belly 
and proceed from there
As I dream of us
Under the olive tree
I long to do that 
for a very long time

Tom Squitieri is an award-winning war correspondent, is blessed to have his poetry appear in several publications, the book “Put Into Words My Love,” the art exhibition Color: Story2020, and the film “Fate’s Shadow: The Whole Story.” He writes mostly while parallel parking or walking his dogs, Topsie and Batman. Find him on FacebookTwitterInstagram and his blog.

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