Woodman Hollow

By A’ Ja Lyons

Preservation serves a purpose, 
for those who propose
But their words ring hollow 
in chasms of the dismissed

Deep ravines and creeks spring
runoffs fed into 
bedrocks of sandstone 
Carving pieces of majesty few bear
witness with feet muddied and muddled

Grand plans of land recognized,
categorized for conservation – forsaken
Promises shallow as the gorge in the heart
of a maze of overgrown parts

Crumbs litter cascades,
Birthing beds of flora
Sustaining ancient oaks
Centuries of history upon entry;
a corridor into formations
of what was forcibly taken
Exposure to erosion
and waste left for want

A’ Ja Lyons has been published in several print and online publications, including Sinister Wisdom, Decolonial Passage, Response,and Lucky Jefferson. 

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