There’s a Thunderstorm in the Attic.

By RR Ewart

It pounds against the ceiling 
and makes the house shudder.

The rain pours down the walls 
and soaks the carpet.

Swirling clouds seep down to the floors below 
and fill the rooms with cold fog.

Lighting strikes a wooden joist. 

For a second it catches fire

-A small flickering flame

but is quickly extinguished.

The crashing thunder shakes the stacks of boxes 
that fall to the ground
The forgotten contents scattering.

It’s hard to think here with the thunder
And pounding rain.
Music helps a bit
But the storm grows louder 
It wants us to listen to it rage.

RR Ewart (she/her) is a writer and artist from Reno, Nevada. She works as a high school English teacher, is an accomplished book-hoarder, and a recovering procrastinator. She is completing her first novel and chapbook publication. Follow her to read more of her work on Instagram.

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