Storm Town

By Lili Bird

A town west 
off the highway 
hot and staled 
with a name like 
sticky breakfast cereal 

I hang from the window 
of my 2 star motel

and swallow 
throat-fulls of thunder 
on the air

and watch the rain 
clouds billow 
like blue hounds hunting 
meat off the mountains.

Lili Bird is a writer and visual artist from the Blue Mountains, Australia. Having spent a long time in the wilds of Canada, Iceland, Scotland, and her own rugged bushland home, Lili draws inspiration from her love of travel, road trips, and remote wilderness exploration. Central to her work are themes of duality, vulnerability, beauty, fear, and love, encapsulating her experiences as a young woman. Her writing has been published in Woman Cave Collective, and she recently had her first solo art show in Sydney.  

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