By Mark Jackley

  1. Gospel of the cat’s wet fur
  2. Soft rain on the trailer
  3. Frying pan at midnight sputtering of cold graves
  4. Sword of light from a cracked door
  5. Wet basketball in my hands
  6. Gardner in straw hat dreaming over the steering wheel
  7. Mailbox like a hunchback trying to thumb a ride
  8. How of the air but heavy we cut the air, ripples
  9. Book clutched like a weapon
  10. Warm laundry, humdrum zen
  11. Braille of wet pine needles on bare feet
  12. Mourners softly drifting
  13. Pills like Christmas lights
  14. Waking like Adam and Eve, nothing between us but time
  15. Crow, little black king
  16. One darkness and one me
  17. Stranger on the train dropping blueberries in my palm

Mark Jackley’s poems have appeared in Fifth Wednesday, Sugar House Review, The Cape Rock, Talking River, Cagibi, and other journals. His book Many Suns Will Rise is forthcoming from The Main Street Rag Press. He lives in Purcellville, Virginia.

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