Not enough

By Luca Massimo Lombardo

What else is there to do?
to go to the supermarket among other people
to feel less alone, or just
being packed in your apartment with all that
exhaustion and frozen dinners, bought at the gelmarket
at the corner down the street.
It’s not enough to be a better one
slowly dying while tricking the time,
it really takes what you got away
and everything you wish to have.
Here we go
another wasted day to think about
under the blankets tonight.

Luca Massimo Lombardo lives in Milan, Italy. He writes short stories and poetry. He’s the author of “Rats Chewed Up My Doormat” published in Italy. He’s interested in everything that happens after 2am. His works appeared in literary magazines and webzines such as “Unpublishable Zine”, “King’s Daily”, “Runcible Spoon”, “Brave Voices Magazine” and “Peeking Cat”.

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