I see you’re tired

By Luca Massimo Lombardo

while pouring grapefruit juice in your prosecco 
stretching sadness
that you’d last forever.
In your blue eyes, cold as ice 
burns the shadow
of what you’ve never said;
you tired of standing on that stage 
which gave you nothing but weariness 
while your love is now in someone else’s arms
and you
still consumed 
open another beer 
before lurking in your bed, 
as you do 
every night.

Luca Massimo Lombardo lives in Milan, Italy. He writes short stories and poetry. He’s the author of “Rats Chewed Up My Doormat” published in Italy. He’s interested in everything that happens after 2am. His works appeared in literary magazines and webzines such as “Unpublishable Zine”, “King’s Daily”, “Runcible Spoon”, “Brave Voices Magazine” and “Peeking Cat”.

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