By A’ Ja Lyons

Like this? He asked as he twirled his tongue
licking my sugary bits and swallowing 
every drop of chocolate syrup 
My cherry burst and juices flowing

I met him on a Saturday and
served him my sundae
Whipped my cream on a field of flowers
Fun on the run as the sun shone down my bare back
As I pulled back, let loose, and let go
My arrow spinning in new directions

I led, he followed,
He followed, I led,

At times we stood still
On a hill
Under a bridge
Over the river
Through the woods
To his house
To my house

No baskets needed at our picnics
Treats lay in feet, faces, and laps

Snack, bites, or a whole meal
Whether but a nibble
Or a gourmand’s fill
We are kind diners
Pleasant patrons
Gracious hosts
Eager to please
Happy to share
Napkins and utensils optional

A’ Ja Lyons has been published in several print and online publications, including Sinister Wisdom, Decolonial Passage, Response,and Lucky Jefferson. 

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