A Smirk on the Clock’s Face

By Dominic Loise

As the hands move
marking the halfway passing 
our final evening hour
I know you want me 
to smile now
when I am here 
sharing the present 
you match my stoic face
with a silly grin
and plead for a laugh in return 
it’s the moment for me to frown 
but I am thinking how I will
save this time for later
when we are apart
and smirk a little 
after uncapping this memory 
never said these rules were fair
time is funny that way

Dominic Loise is open about and advocates for mental health awareness as seen with his essay writing for F(r)iction. His work has appeared in Alchemic Gold Poetry Society, Alt.Ctrl.Jpg, Analogies & Allegories, Calm Down, Clementine Zine, Collective Realms, Emotional Alchemy, Frances, Goat’s Milk, Innsaei Journal, Mulberry Literary, October Hill, Ouch!, Push up Daisies!, Raven Review, Re.Collective, Refresh and Silent Auctions. Dominic was a finalist in Short Editions’ “America: Color it in” contest.

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