overwhelm somebody

By Lucy Cundill

memory of you begs the best of me / 
every night this week down on 
two knees relearning / the word bloody 
relearning the word sorry / I wished 
for every part of you but got nothing 
back / but ashes / this is insidious 
this is warfare this is Saturday night 
and Tuesday evening and ‘I love you’s scattered
between kissing / you are a part
of the worst parts of me / to say the least 
about it you are a part of everything
to say enough to overwhelm somebody / 
overwhelm somebody / live this life the hard way
live this life the heart’s way / live this life on your knees
in chapels and cathedrals in city after city / not yet memorialised
in sandstone but close / but close / not yet memorialised in flagstone /
but close / not yet memorialised in acid / but close

Lucy Cundill is a poet living in Norwich, England, where she studies English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. She has been published in Full House Literary Magazine, Bandit Fiction, Concrete, the Life Lines zine, and the UEA Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology. Her work and further information can be found at futiledevicez.carrd.co.

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