The Wait

By Felicia Zuniga

The wait seeps into your skin
stretching it into rivers of worry

It pours into your stomach
tightens knots and tosses acid 

The wait pulls on your hair
until it strips it of colour
Muscles and memories become dull
corroded by the salty licks of wait

It erases sunlight from your eyes
spring from your step
definition from your days

The wait creeps into your bones
Your jaw becomes tight from the grind
of teeth every night
The wait happens in your mind
but it takes your body too

You never know if today
will be the day and your heart
sits up like the sun every morning
then slinks back into darkness at night

You install routines you can set
your hands to
They shove you through the day
even when you try to stop them

You keep moving even when the wait
bites and stings and scratches
You still wait and you hope
in the mornings

Felicia Zuniga is a writer and communications specialist who lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two young sons. She has been writing poetry for over a decade and has been published in a variety of journals including Contemporary Verse 2 – The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing, The Antigonish Review, Montreal Writes, Existere – Journal of Arts & Literature and FreeFall Magazine. She has a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Honours with a Creative Writing Concentration from the University of Calgary. Learn more at

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