By Felicia Zuniga

Slides in and out
as he pleases
warm some days
cold the next
an inconsiderate liar

Now he breezes in like a false spring

and blows hot secrets into my ears

promises destination vacations, sand and blue skies

so I pack away my wools

until he cancels last minute again

He acts distant on the phone

I can hear the wind in his voice

feel the ice in his touch

unexpected fury and fights

When I see him again

he’s green with delirium

drunk with indecision

by the time he’s gone for good

it’s already April Fool’s and I realize

the joke is on me

Felicia Zuniga is a writer and communications specialist who lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two young sons. She has been writing poetry for over a decade and has been published in a variety of journals including Contemporary Verse 2 – The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing, The Antigonish Review, Montreal Writes, Existere – Journal of Arts & Literature and FreeFall Magazine. She has a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Honours with a Creative Writing Concentration from the University of Calgary. Learn more at

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