By Mary Chydiriotis

Waves lap and whisper 

seagulls squawk  

the constant pull of the sea

In your right hand

citrine drops of pressure and time

the thread pulled 

unconscious rhythm of the Kompoloi

beads click as time ticks  

Fragments of memory

transient storage in hippocampus

secrets locked away

a son gone

The sea a melancholy roar

howling wind a breathing moon 
distant lights flicker

a cargo ship fades into the past

beads click as time ticks 

on terra firma

Melpomeni guts and scales fish

Red Mullet (his favourite) 

Sea Urchins

Sardines from Kalloni 

where wildflowers grow

a bronze briki with a full belly

a backgammon board ready  

mopeds wiz by

children chuckle   

the sea breeze strokes your neck

you wait  

* worry beads

Mary Chydiriotis lives in Melbourne. She is passionate about coffee, dogs, books and social justice. Her poems have been published in local and international anthologies and journals. In 2019, a selection of Mary’s poems featured in ‘Poetry of the Sun and the Sea: from Homer to Slam poetry’, a Greek Studies course at La Trobe University. Loud and Red, her first collection of poetry, was published by Ginnindera Press, in 2020.

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