Good form

By Dominic Loise

James dusted off the time he was known as Jimmy. 

This freeform shadow of former identity danced along his bedroom wall just above the writing desk as he prepared for slumber.

 A knocking play of the imagination beckoned pause with a tap-tap-tap against his window. 

Tomorrow announced it’s coming by the tic-tic-ticking of a nightstand clock swimming closer to midnight. Soon, he would be thirteen. 

Pen walked the plank into fresh ink as a new signature was lifted out of the dark thought pool. 

The end of the last letter swashbuckled up in good form. 

The old childhood name left behind with hatred. 

This new identity hooked his fancy as a feather in his cap. 

He falls to bed petered out.

Dominic Loise (he/him) is open about and advocates for mental health awareness, as seen with his essay writing for F(r)iction. His work has appeared in Alchemic Gold Poetry Society, Alt.Ctrl.Jpg, Analogies & Allegories, Calm Down, Clementine Zine, Collective Realms, Emotional Alchemy, Goat’s Milk, Innsaei Journal, Mulberry Literary, October Hill, Ouch!, Push up Daisies!, Raven Review, Re. Collective, Refresh and Silent Auctions. Dominic was a finalist in Short Editions’ “America: Color it in” contest.  You can find Dominic on Instagram @dominic_lives.

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