The Great Red Spot

By Sage Agee My chest leaks liquid sentiment. Sustaining another life sometimesmeans forgetting my own. There is darkness in pumping white milk…

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Home Resurrection

By Allison DeDecker I am a house with bees in the walls.Beneath these sun-bleached boards, inside the jagged, gaping holes hums life.…

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Stone Walls

By Matt Schultz Here, along the field’s corrugated ridge and furrow,the swell and swerve of moss-mortared stack-stones.Here the Tridentine Mass…

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By Cat Dixon It was deemed necessary to evacuate the submarine—oxygen levels low and waterflowed through the vents. Legends of ghost…

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By Anukriti Yadav I. Belongingness is never granted,       or even secure in its acquisition—       life teaches you that.       you don’t…

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The Visit

By Claire Marsden The unhurried weight of your embrace,  familiar,  at first touch.  Your tongue, gentled  with sunshine,  circles upon…

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